Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pics of Stephen Lynch

 Our front row view. The beardy one is Charlie, and the bald one is Rob, or as Stephen said (repeatedly) Charlie Brown (with a gay porn mustache)
 Charlie and Stephen both play instruments, and all of them sing. Rob seems to do sound work backstage.
 He did several portions of the show by himself, and interacted with the audience a lot. He asked "Are you guys on a date? Haha, how "romantic"!" He was looking towards us but I dont know if he meant us or not.
I am 99% sure he was making a Charlie Brown joke here.

Anyway, that's all folks. I forgot to post these in the first post.

When the weather changes, I change.

I morph into a limping swollen mess. I hate when fronts move through, pressure change , whatever. Other than working and sleeping, I havent done much today.
I had so much fun yesterday, but I'm paying for it now. On top of the weather..
Yesterday was my anniversary. :) Four years and two days ago, we sat down and talked. We talked for a long time, about relationships and what they mean. We were outside, sitting at a picnic table at a park. I told him I wanted to think about everything, and come up with the things I wanted out of a relationship. We didnt want to "default" into a relationship. It needed to be something we both wanted and thought was a good idea.
So May 15th, I went home and thought, and wrote out a list. We still have it. Some goals I have achieved. Others are lifelong goals, to enrich myself and learn new things. A few times, we have sat down with the list and checked progress.
Anyway, we went to the same park the next day to talk again. We compared lists, and discussed a lot of things. We couldn't deny that we matched on everything important to us.

May 16th we decided to try out a real relationship. Honestly, neither of us expected anything serious. But we knew we had fun and liked each other. And I have to say....I still have fun with him, and I still like him quite a bit too, even if he likes to eat terrible things like mustard and sour kraut (uck) :3

So yesterday night we saw Stephen Lynch in concert. It was general admission, so we got there early to get center stage front row seats. Hell yes!
He played lots of new songs, and some old ones too. And some Journey too, although only a few seconds of like five songs.
The big closing number was a duet of Purple Rain. I figured I had to record some of it, so in the middle of the song I started taking cell phone video. Thank god I did, because after about 30 seconds or so he steps down the stairs, directly in front of my camera to jump up on the empty seat next to me. I got a great video.
He briefly waved the microphone at me, sayiing "What's your name?" "Kr-" "It doesnt matter!"
He jumped down, ran to someone else "Where are you from? I DON'T CARE!"
When he was running around the crowd, I couldn't see anything, and I wasn't sure how long a video I could take. Hell, I got the best video I could have gotten! :D

it was....one of the single happiest moments of my life. Especially because he kept it a mystery.
The only bad part was sitting and standing on hard floors for 2 hours, then sitting in uncomfy metal chairs for two hours.
So thats why I am paying for it. Sometimes it is worth the pain though. =)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new beginning

Welp, I got the job. :) Before I say more about it, because someone commented and asked, let me talk about the burritos. haha.
I make some serious burritos. Normal burrito for us is...ground beef (preferably ground sirloin because it's less fatty and tastes amazing) with taco seasoning, some super spicy chipotle pepper sauce (it is brown and thick, and tastes like delicious smoky fire) and some ancho tabasco sauce. I mix the sauce in before I even add the taco seasoning, to cook the meat in it. Then refritos, shredded cheese and the meat. I put black olives on mine but my partner thinks they are disgusting. :( No one shares my obsessive love for black olives.
The other day, we did a chicken and rice burrito. Chicken, spicy sauces and taco seasoning, then a bunch of steamed brown rice (and more spicy sauce)
All it needs is some cheese! MMMMMMM, BURRITOS.

The job!
I got the job. :D I am starting there May 31st, unless I manage to find a better job between now and then. I'm thinking I am going to stay on at Panera one day a week. My GM is being nice, and having me take off a weekish after starting the new job. And decide then if I can handle the one day a week or not. She knows I have limited energy and I'm glad I will be able to just focus on my training.

MARCON is coming up soon! I'm so excited for that too!
I know this is the last big year for a while (probably) and I'm planning on taking as much tramadol as I have to to have a good time! So there, stupid disease.

Only bad news at the moment is that my dog is sick. He's acting weird, just laying around sleeping, not moving. He didnt even bark or get up when someone knocked on the door! :(
He is doing a little better. I think. This morning he was shaking and stuff. He isnt now, and he has eaten a little and drank water. He's been snoozing away all day, tucked in with mommy. We were terrified to leave him alone today though while work was happening. His nose is scratchy dry and warm. Poor baby.
I think he just needs to sleep it off. Hopefully it's just a puppy flu.

Anyway, I made this way longer than I meant to! You guys all have a good night. :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


Got an interview set up today, on Monday afternoon. One of the companies I just applied to yesterday actually.

It'll be a decent pay, definitely better than what I get now. But who knows, I may end up with a better job before long anyway. I was afraid at first I wouldnt be able to get a better job, without a degree. It is still kinda a crappy job but it's SO much better for me physically. I may end up a telemarketer soon. I guess they deal with a lot of magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

I think this job is easy to get.. I have heard from people that they hire easily. And I always make a good impression at interviews. I think I'm heading towards a lot more money. And after Miah graduates, we will be able to move off campus, to a nicer neighborhood, get a car, and save lots of money up.
Our plan eventually is to buy and flip properties, but we need to save 10-20k for that to start up. If I get paid enough we can get started in just a few years.

Even through the hard times, I'm happy and moving forward. I am moving on from minimum wage food service crap!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Job Rush

Whew. I have been busy, straining my eyes over a computer screen for many hours.
I'm job hunting.

I have a crap job at Panera. It pays money but..not much. And I have to work twice as hard as everyone else does. I work to my limit every day just..doing dishes or barista. I mean...jeez. Its a lot of work for not much money. I dont think I can keep it up physically for much longer.

So I've been applying to places like crazy. Call centers, medical offices that need receptionists, telemarketing, sitting in a parking garage booth collecting money. I dont care, as long as it gets me two things:
One. OUT OF PANERA. If I can only find a part time job, I might stay on for one or two days a week at panera. Just because I get a 50% discount.
Two. A RAISE. The lowest pay I applied for is 9 bucks. I only make 8.65 at my job, and I've been there almost 3 years. 

Its sad. I'm ready to move on.  I have put in...about 11 apps? Maybe more. They've all been online. I figure..what the hell. If I get more than one job offer it will be a good ego boost. :)

Anyway, I'm exhausted. I'm gonna go pass out now, cuddling with my sweet sweet doggies. <3

Sunday, May 1, 2011

MMMM, burritos.

We made monster burritos for dinner. Man, it was good. We havent had burritos in like....probably 6 months. burritos are too delicious to go without for that long. But today anything was possible.

Today was a day off, you see. A day where we sat on our butts watching movies, made all our meals at home, wandered around with the dogs, went to the grocery, cleaned up, and just...took it easy! Man, it felt good. I have tomorrow off too, by some stroke of luck. So tomorrows going to be even better! Im well rested so i can get laundry and shit done. It feels good when i dont have any job to do, because i can actually keep up with everything else! I'll just be sad when I have to go back to work. :< oh well.

Well, I am going to go back to nibbling on clearance easter candy before bed. have a great night everyone. :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pills, pills, pills

Went to the rheumatologist today. She thinks it is best for me to go onto another medication..She just wants me to feel better, faster, so i dont have to take as much of the steroids and pain meds.
Still, adding another 2 pills a day takes me up to 19 pills a day. 21 if i take my multivitamin, a few less if its a relatively pain free day.
I guess it is worth it though, if it can help me.

I do feel like im getting a bit better too. Not all the time, but the meds have taken the harsh edge off of everyday. the pain is still there but it isnt so bad.
Everyone around me is sick, it seems. My mom even is sick and no one can figure out why. My boyfriends ankle is screwed up and wont heal. A close friend is struggling to catch up to her disease. Everyone is falling apart! When I was younger..I didnt know anyone with a chronic illness, or disability. I think there were maybe 3 kids in my k-12 career that even had food allergies.

What the hell happened??? Now it seems like everyone I know has something wrong in one way or another. But I still meet people...who have no idea, and I used to be one of them!

Anyway, enough of that!
I'm doing alright, and thats alright with me.
So cherish what you have, no matter how small; you may lose it at any time.