Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A new beginning

Welp, I got the job. :) Before I say more about it, because someone commented and asked, let me talk about the burritos. haha.
I make some serious burritos. Normal burrito for us is...ground beef (preferably ground sirloin because it's less fatty and tastes amazing) with taco seasoning, some super spicy chipotle pepper sauce (it is brown and thick, and tastes like delicious smoky fire) and some ancho tabasco sauce. I mix the sauce in before I even add the taco seasoning, to cook the meat in it. Then refritos, shredded cheese and the meat. I put black olives on mine but my partner thinks they are disgusting. :( No one shares my obsessive love for black olives.
The other day, we did a chicken and rice burrito. Chicken, spicy sauces and taco seasoning, then a bunch of steamed brown rice (and more spicy sauce)
All it needs is some cheese! MMMMMMM, BURRITOS.

The job!
I got the job. :D I am starting there May 31st, unless I manage to find a better job between now and then. I'm thinking I am going to stay on at Panera one day a week. My GM is being nice, and having me take off a weekish after starting the new job. And decide then if I can handle the one day a week or not. She knows I have limited energy and I'm glad I will be able to just focus on my training.

MARCON is coming up soon! I'm so excited for that too!
I know this is the last big year for a while (probably) and I'm planning on taking as much tramadol as I have to to have a good time! So there, stupid disease.

Only bad news at the moment is that my dog is sick. He's acting weird, just laying around sleeping, not moving. He didnt even bark or get up when someone knocked on the door! :(
He is doing a little better. I think. This morning he was shaking and stuff. He isnt now, and he has eaten a little and drank water. He's been snoozing away all day, tucked in with mommy. We were terrified to leave him alone today though while work was happening. His nose is scratchy dry and warm. Poor baby.
I think he just needs to sleep it off. Hopefully it's just a puppy flu.

Anyway, I made this way longer than I meant to! You guys all have a good night. :)

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  1. Congratulations on getting a job! Just...what job is it? haha