Friday, May 6, 2011


Got an interview set up today, on Monday afternoon. One of the companies I just applied to yesterday actually.

It'll be a decent pay, definitely better than what I get now. But who knows, I may end up with a better job before long anyway. I was afraid at first I wouldnt be able to get a better job, without a degree. It is still kinda a crappy job but it's SO much better for me physically. I may end up a telemarketer soon. I guess they deal with a lot of magazine and newspaper subscriptions.

I think this job is easy to get.. I have heard from people that they hire easily. And I always make a good impression at interviews. I think I'm heading towards a lot more money. And after Miah graduates, we will be able to move off campus, to a nicer neighborhood, get a car, and save lots of money up.
Our plan eventually is to buy and flip properties, but we need to save 10-20k for that to start up. If I get paid enough we can get started in just a few years.

Even through the hard times, I'm happy and moving forward. I am moving on from minimum wage food service crap!

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