Sunday, May 1, 2011

MMMM, burritos.

We made monster burritos for dinner. Man, it was good. We havent had burritos in like....probably 6 months. burritos are too delicious to go without for that long. But today anything was possible.

Today was a day off, you see. A day where we sat on our butts watching movies, made all our meals at home, wandered around with the dogs, went to the grocery, cleaned up, and just...took it easy! Man, it felt good. I have tomorrow off too, by some stroke of luck. So tomorrows going to be even better! Im well rested so i can get laundry and shit done. It feels good when i dont have any job to do, because i can actually keep up with everything else! I'll just be sad when I have to go back to work. :< oh well.

Well, I am going to go back to nibbling on clearance easter candy before bed. have a great night everyone. :)


  1. What do you make your burritos with? I love making my burritos with either chicken or pinto beans. Soooo delicious. That, some shredded cheese and lettuce...sounds like a good day.

  2. made my mouth water... mmm burritos