Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When the weather changes, I change.

I morph into a limping swollen mess. I hate when fronts move through, pressure change , whatever. Other than working and sleeping, I havent done much today.
I had so much fun yesterday, but I'm paying for it now. On top of the weather..
Yesterday was my anniversary. :) Four years and two days ago, we sat down and talked. We talked for a long time, about relationships and what they mean. We were outside, sitting at a picnic table at a park. I told him I wanted to think about everything, and come up with the things I wanted out of a relationship. We didnt want to "default" into a relationship. It needed to be something we both wanted and thought was a good idea.
So May 15th, I went home and thought, and wrote out a list. We still have it. Some goals I have achieved. Others are lifelong goals, to enrich myself and learn new things. A few times, we have sat down with the list and checked progress.
Anyway, we went to the same park the next day to talk again. We compared lists, and discussed a lot of things. We couldn't deny that we matched on everything important to us.

May 16th we decided to try out a real relationship. Honestly, neither of us expected anything serious. But we knew we had fun and liked each other. And I have to say....I still have fun with him, and I still like him quite a bit too, even if he likes to eat terrible things like mustard and sour kraut (uck) :3

So yesterday night we saw Stephen Lynch in concert. It was general admission, so we got there early to get center stage front row seats. Hell yes!
He played lots of new songs, and some old ones too. And some Journey too, although only a few seconds of like five songs.
The big closing number was a duet of Purple Rain. I figured I had to record some of it, so in the middle of the song I started taking cell phone video. Thank god I did, because after about 30 seconds or so he steps down the stairs, directly in front of my camera to jump up on the empty seat next to me. I got a great video.
He briefly waved the microphone at me, sayiing "What's your name?" "Kr-" "It doesnt matter!"
He jumped down, ran to someone else "Where are you from? I DON'T CARE!"
When he was running around the crowd, I couldn't see anything, and I wasn't sure how long a video I could take. Hell, I got the best video I could have gotten! :D

it was....one of the single happiest moments of my life. Especially because he kept it a mystery.
The only bad part was sitting and standing on hard floors for 2 hours, then sitting in uncomfy metal chairs for two hours.
So thats why I am paying for it. Sometimes it is worth the pain though. =)

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    I'm so happy for you that you've got such a great relationship as well, all mine have gone down the drain. Always work hard to keep that happiness. :)